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Welcome to Joey's Quest Adult Day Center! We offer a variety of services for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, including day habilitation, pre-vocational services and transportation, all with the mission to empower lives, one quest at a time. Joey's Quest is an approved Medicaid provider and offers tours to those interested in seeing what we have to offer. Click the button below to learn more and find out how to contact us and schedule a tour today.

Our Services

Prevocational Training

Community Inclusion

At Joey's Quest, we are dedicated to providing pre-vocational services tailored to adults with disabilities, aiming to nurture essential work skills, abilities, and interests that pave the path to community-based employment in integrated work settings. Our pre-vocational program encompasses various key elements. We help individuals identify their vocational abilities and employment interests, complete work inventories and questionnaires, and master effective professional communication skills with co-workers, supervisors, and customers. Conflict resolution and adherence to workplace safety rules are also crucial aspects we focus on. Through diverse volunteer opportunities, our program helps participants develop professional skills with a long-term employment outlook if that is what they desire from the program. Our curriculum specialists continually craft engaging lesson plans with hands-on activities to expand opportunities and equip individuals with transferable job skills, ultimately aiming for community employment. In our approach, we prioritize cultivating positive work habits and essential skills, valuing personal talents and encouraging their enhancement, rather than emphasizing job-specific knowledge. Join Joey's Quest's PreVocational Training program to embark on a journey of skill development and empowerment, tailored to your unique goals and aspirations.

Community Based Supports

Receive comprehensive assistance to effectively engage in a spectrum of essential tasks encompassing basic self-care, social skills, and activities of daily living. This service is meticulously designed to empower you with increased independence, heightened productivity, improved family dynamics, and a stronger sense of community inclusion.

The range of activities covered is expansive and includes, but is not limited to, attending events, participating in classes, receiving support for activities of daily living, making selections from a menu, shopping, acquiring fundamental cooking skills, mastering laundry routines, refining etiquette, learning travel strategies, and accessing community-based activities.

These services are thoughtfully delivered on a one-to-one basis, providing you with dedicated attention from our compassionate and knowledgeable staff. Our goal is to empower you to navigate daily life with confidence and thrive in an inclusive community setting.

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Experience services that extend beyond the confines of your home, aimed at bolstering and aiding you in educational, enriching, or recreational pursuits. These services are purposefully designed to amplify your engagement within the community, fostering a sense of belonging.

Delivered in a group setting, these services stem from our belief at Joey's Quest in contributing to our community through our Community Projects. We facilitate your engagement with local businesses to partake in charitable activities that not only give back but also nurture your creativity, sense of purpose, pride, and connection to the community.

We're dedicated to innovative thinking and uncovering novel solutions for everyday challenges. For further insights, don't hesitate to inquire with us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are services paid for?

Joey's Quest holds the distinction of being an authorized Medicaid provider for NJ DDD services.

To access the range of services supported by the Division, it is necessary to initiate the eligibility application process. The subsequent link directs you to the appropriate webpage:

Is attendance required to be full-time? 

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to choose between attending on a full-time or part-time basis. You can opt for daily attendance or select specific days that suit your schedule.

Our services are available both at our center and within the community, with arrangements made for specific days. For more detailed information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Is transportation included?

Transportation is one of the services offered by NJ DDD. To determine if you are eligible for this service, kindly consult your Support Coordinator.

What are your hours of operation?

We operate during the weekdays, specifically from Monday to Friday, with our hours extending from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


Mission Statement

Our Values

At Joey’s Quest, our community holds immense significance. We are unwavering in our commitment to fostering avenues for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to realize their complete potential in both living and working, and infusing each day with purpose.

Our paramount objective revolves around facilitating the success and pride of our participants, coupled with the meaningful and fulfilling social interactions they encounter.

Our mission entails offering a methodical progression of opportunities that guide participants. Within our premises, participants undergo a transformative journey, acquiring invaluable employability skills. This prepares them to seamlessly integrate into the community as accomplished and esteemed contributors, should they aspire to pursue such growth and fulfillment.

Envisioning a society characterized by acceptance and inclusion, our aspiration is for our participants to become integral parts of this harmonious fabric, establishing genuine connections within their community.

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800 Atlantic City Blvd, Suite 5, Bayville, NJ  08721

(732) 314-6191

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